Exciting New Bands & Artists

In my opinion nothing beats discovering new songs, or even better, new bands and artists altogether. However once the smugness of listening to a band no-one has heard of goes away, you realise that everyone needs to hear this wonderful music. So, that is what I am doing now, sharing this music with you!

First up is the wonderful Fickle Friends who describe their sound as ’80’s new-wave pop’ and I just love it. I heard track ‘For You’ first and really enjoyed its clear sense of fun and found myself singing along by the end of the first play. I have now gone on to check out their other tracks ‘Play’ and ‘Swim’ and was glad to discover that they certainly aren’t a one-hit wonder type. They’re also from Brighton so seem even more cool now.

Around the same time I also heard London-based WJAX‘s ‘Daylight’ and was hooked on its really cool electro-rock sound. The other tracks on their new EP are all pretty damn good, especially ‘What Do You Want Me To Say’. Lead singer James Izzo just has such a cracking voice so definitely check them out.

Next is french singer-songwriter Owlle who just oozes cool. Her single ‘Fog’ grabbed my attention with its catchy electro beat and dreamy vocals. Her soundcloud page also features multiple remixes and other great tracks such as ‘Don’t Lose It’ and ‘Ticky Ticky’.

Finally is Josef Salvat, a slightly mysterious Australian singer-songwriter with an impressive selection of slick tracks showcasing his unique style and beautiful vocals. His two EPs ‘Hustler’ and ‘In Your Prime’ truly deserve to be heard. This is polished, understated pop at its best.



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