Rae Morris – Interview and Live Review

On Thursday night I got the chance to interview and see the wonderful Rae Morris live. If you scroll down on this blog or have read some of my previous posts, you will notice very quickly that I have been excited about Rae’s music for a while now, so this was a really exciting opportunity for me!

First of all, I’d like to emphasise how lovely Rae is, she is extremely sincere and warm and was a pleasure to interview. Its always exciting to meet artists who are on the cusp of stardom and having just released her debut album, ‘Unguarded’ and being long-listed for the BBC Sound of 2015, Rae certainly fits this category.

rae live

On this ‘Unguarded’ tour Rae is being supported by Fryars, who she collaborated with for the single ‘Cold’ and his set was a fitting start to the night, full of smooth beats and effortless vocals. His single ‘Cool Like Me’ is definitely well worth a listen. But, of course, this was really Rae’s night. Opening with ‘Skin’, her pure voice immediately hits you and kept me entranced throughout. The atmosphere really kicked in with the album’s title track ‘Unguarded’ and you could hear a pin drop when she performed a stunning and emotional rendition of ‘Don’t Go’. Her band were also fantastic and they created a really uniform sound, sounding perfectly attuned to each other, which was very impressive considering this is her first album tour. The main thing that stood out to me on the night, however, was the variety of sounds and influences you could hear in the selection of tracks. At times I was reminded of Kate Bush or Tom Odell, but then she would surprise you with an electronic enthused ‘Up Again’, a collaboration with Clean Bandit. Rae appeared genuinely grateful and modest, frequently thanking us for attending. In the audience you could sense she already has a strong fan base and I think this is only going to grow and grow. Her mix of talent, sincerity and concern for what she does means that she deserves all the recognition she is getting at the moment.

You can listen to my interview with Rae Morris here: https://audioboom.com/boos/2876226-olivia-interviews-rae-morris#t=2m58s



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