Tracks Of The Week

As I listen to so much music as Head of Music for my university’s student radio station, weekly updating the station’s playlist, I thought it would make sense to incorporate this into my blog by sharing with you songs that I’m enjoying this week.

First up is The War On Drugs with ‘An Ocean In Between The Waves’ which I have literally become obsessed with. Its from their acclaimed album ‘Lost In The Dream’ and the single is released in early March. It is hard to explain why I love it so much, perhaps because it brings out a range of emotions, sounding very hopeful but also quite melancholy.

(Note: This link is to the full album version of the track, not the radio edit so you can enjoy it in all its goodness.)

Another track that has become addictive is ‘King’ (released 1st March), the latest from Sound of 2015 winners Years & Years. I was a little dubious when I heard that they had won the 2015 poll because I’d only really listened to ‘Take Shelter’, which I did like, but its been with this hugely catchy track that I’ve realised that these guys really are something to be excited out. Also check out their lesser-known back catalogue with songs such as ‘Real’.

Next up is Courtney Barnett, who I think is just brilliant. When I first heard her track ‘Avant Gardener’ I was immediately taken by her talking style and honest lyrics. Her newest single ‘Pedestrian At Best’ (released 16th March) I think is just fantastic. I realise its not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea but I find her so refreshing. Anyway, see what you think!

Finally, to round off my pick of some new tracks for this week is Jack Garratt with ‘Chemical’. I picked Jack as one of my exciting new acts for this year and he certainly has not disappointed with this track. Its slick and has such polished transitions in and out of its different genre styles.

(Jack Garratt’s new EP ‘Synesthesiac’ is released 13/4/15)

So those are a selection of some of my favourite new tracks, hope you have enjoyed listening!



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