You HAVE to listen to this – Wolf Alice ‘Giant Peach’

Wolf Alice are a grungy alternative rock band from London whose track ‘Moaning Lisa Smile’ I featured in my countdown of my favourite singles of 2014. Since hearing that track last year I’ve been exploring them a little more and am now completely hooked. Their 2013 single ‘Bros’ is rocky pop at its finest and deserves a place in everyone’s musical heart. So it’s no wonder that I’m now getting very excited because the band’s debut album My Love Is Cool is going to be released on 22nd June (something to keep me motivated throughout the horrors of final year exams)! They have also just released a single from that album called ‘Giant Peach’. You know when you get that excited feeling in your tummy before you play a song for the first time and then you feel really happy because it’s as good as you’d hoped? Well that explains my reaction to this track. Have a listen here:

And if you liked ‘Giant Peach’ then also listen to 2013’s ‘Bros’:

Hope you’re all as addicted to Wolf Alice now as I am!



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