Moving Into Radio

As of tomorrow evening, The Beat will also have a radio show! I will upload the shows after they have been broadcast or you can listen live on RaW 1251AM ( The show will be Thursday evenings at 5pm for the next 10 weeks.

I wanted to do a radio show that is linked to the blog as another way of sharing my favourite music, both new and old. As the previous Head of Music for RaW I’m really proud of the range of music that we play on the station and the variety of specialist music shows on the schedule. I’ve also loved presenting different shows on the station and am super excited to be back with this new show! As described on RaW’s website ‘The Beat is all about good music that is not restricted by genre, label or decade.’ So, essentially it’s going to be an hour each week of me sharing some fantastic music from a plethora of genres, some you may have heard before and some not!

I hope you can listen in!



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