Tracks Of The Week

Time for some fresh new music!

First up is a track that I’ve been listening to on repeat for the past two days. The Chemical Brothers are set to release their eighth album in the summer and I got pretty excited when I heard ‘Sometimes I Feel So Deserted’ last week. Now they have released ‘Go’ and, oh my goodness, I officially can’t wait for the album (released 17th July). Just to warn you the video is completely bonkers, but the song is so catchy! You will get addicted, at least I did.

Next up is the latest gem from Tame Impala. I know, what a surprise! Tame Impala included in the Tracks Of The Week? Haven’t all of their new singles been included? Well, yes, but I just had to include ‘Disciples’ as it’s another great example of their psychedelic sound. The only criticism is that it should be longer…

Shamir, whose quirky track ‘Call It Off’ I included as one of my tracks of the week a few weeks back, has now released a brand new stunning ballad. The opening to the song immediately intrigued me as it is a real step away from his usual electro-pop sound. ‘Darker’ highlights Shamir’s beautiful voice and it is refreshing to hear an artist whose musical style you cannot fit into a strict genre.

Finally, I stumbled across Samm Henshaw a few days ago and am so glad I did! He’s a singer-songwriter from London who is definitely one to watch. This track ‘Redemption’ was released a few weeks ago and is just so soulful and amazing. He has a gorgeous voice and I’m super excited to hear more from him. This is the wonderful live version of the track:

As always, I hope you have enjoyed this week’s mix.



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