You HAVE to listen to this – Shura ‘White Light’


If you flick back through previous posts on this blog, my love for upcoming artist Shura will probably become pretty obvious. Her previous single ‘2Shy’ is a breathy and endearing 80s influenced track in which she sings about unspoken feelings and the drawbacks to being a wallflower. It is a refreshingly honest and sweet song about being too shy to say you like someone, an anomaly in the world of pop songs today which are hardly shy when it comes to love.

Essentially, everything Shura creates is musical magic (just have a browse through her soundcloud and you will fall in love with her.) After I first heard ‘Indecision’ about six months ago I have become obsessed so I was extremely excited when I saw she had a new track, a 7 minute one no less! ‘White Light’ takes her sound to new epic heights, with hints of disco and of course that wonderful 80s inspired synth-pop sound. It starts off relaxed and moody and then the beat kicks in and from then on it builds up to this perfect, infectious and slick piece of 7 minute heaven. I felt so excited while listening to it for the first time and I know I’m going to have it on repeat probably for the entire summer.

Have a listen for yourself.



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