Tracks Of The Week

This week’s tracks feature some perfect songs for the summer as well as a new track from legendary musician Glen Hansard.

To start us off is a fierce contender for my ‘song of the summer’ from Swedish singer-songwriter Erik Hassle. Hassle attended the same musical secondary school as Robyn and has been around for a few years but with this track ‘No Words’ he really deserves to get more attention. It’s an instantly catchy, great pop song.

Moving on to a more mellow sound is the latest from London duo Oh Wonder. They have been releasing a song every month online for a year with the 12 tracks culminating in their debut album, released in September. It’s a wonderfully refreshing approach and has allowed the band to build up a steady following. Their latest release ‘Landslide’ is yet another pretty, electro track from them.

Stepping up the pace now is the next track from electronic group Formation. In addition to the electronic sound this track ‘Hangin’ contains clear elements of punk, making it sound really fresh and oh so cool. I’m absolutely loving listening to this and am looking forward to exploring these guys more!

Taking a step away from pop and electronic, I was really happy to see a few weeks ago that Irish singer-songwriter Glen Hansard is going to be releasing his second solo album in September. Hansard sings with such raw emotion and writes such beautiful music and his new single ‘Winning Streak’ doesn’t disappoint.

The last track of this week is from American indie pop band Bleachers, whose debut album ‘Strange Desire’ has just been released in the UK, despite being released a year ago in the US. To tie in with the UK release I thought I’d feature ‘Rollercoaster‘ (indie summer perfection) which I absolutely adore. The music video is also awesome and has one of my favourite cars in it, making it extra amazing.

That’s what I’ve been listening to this week and I hope to post more updates on this blog in the upcoming months. Keep on the lookout for more new music!



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