Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ gets an Indie Makeover

As I’m sure you are all aware, Taylor Swift, possibly the most famous pop star/celebrity at the moment, released her fifth album 1989 in October last year. Whether you love or hate Taylor’s new pop persona, it has been impossible to escape super-catchy singles such as ‘Shake It Off’ or her huge presence in the music world.

Her songs have recently been covered by the likes of Lucy Rose and Charli XCX, but the most recent reworking of her music is much more surprising, and exciting. American singer-songwriter Ryan Adams, known for his emotional indie-rock sound, has announced that he is recording covers of the entirety of 1989. He has posted small clips of some of his covers and it has got me very excited. I am a huge fan of Adams and love his work and I also think 1989 is pop perfection, so this really is a very unexpected, but wonderful match. I just love the fact that Adams has found inspiration in Swift’s work and also how he is bringing in a much more sad and dark sound to her songs, inspired by The Smiths. I really can’t wait to hear his finished work.

Have a listen to some of Adam’s clips of ‘Out of the Woods’, ‘All You Had To Do Was Stay’ and ‘Welcome To New York’.

#1989 Welcome to New York Way fun w the gang down at PaxAm.

A post shared by Ryan Adams (@misterryanadams) on

Hope you are now as excited as me to hear more!



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