Tracks Of The Week

It has been a while since I posted about my favourite new music as, although I am always listening to new music, I just don’t always have the chance to collate my thoughts. However, I felt it was probably time to get back into the music blogging game and post about some fantastic music that I am loving and hope you love too!

After a recent change in line up, with the departing of two of its founding members, Bloc Party are back with a hugely catchy, and distinctively more pop sounding single. ‘The Love Within’ is funky and a happy burst back into the limelight, building anticipation for a new album due to be released early next year.

Moving into a slight change of tempo, indie folk band Daughter have announced that their second album ‘Not To Disappear’ will be released in January. With their hugely enchanting 2013 debut ‘If You Leave’, the trio showcased their beautiful, atmospheric sound. Their new single ‘Doing The Right Thing’ is equally gorgeous.

Next up is a brand new single from Brighton synth-pop band Fickle Friends (if you scroll down, you may notice that I absolutely love these guys) and it is yet another hugely catchy tune. Released a few hours ago, I knew within the first beat of hearing ‘Say No More’ that I had to include this song in my tracks of the week. It just makes you want to get up and dance!

And, finally, just in case you missed it…

My last selection for my tracks of the week comes from Spanish garage-rock band Hinds and was actually released last month but I just had to include it! When I first heard Hinds’ music a few months ago I was struck by its fun roughness and was intrigued to hear more. Last month they announced their debut album ‘Leave Me Alone’ will come out in January and also released the album’s first single ‘Garden’. A hugely infectious track, these girls have a beautifully raw sound that I can’t wait to hear more of.

I hope you enjoyed the tracks!



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