Indie Track/Gig of the Week – Lissie

One of my favourite artists, Lissie, is back with new material and I couldn’t be more happy about it. From the first time I heard ‘In Sleep’ back in 2010, I’ve absolutely fallen in love with her music. Her raw and soulful voice mixed with her distinctively American, often sun-soaked, sound is just irresistible.

On Tuesday night I saw Lissie live at Union Chapel for the second time, as part of her solo acoustic tour. Her performance was fearless with moments of vulnerability, as she belted out tracks such as ‘They All Want You’ with passion and emotion but admitted to missing her band in between songs, especially as they stop her from ‘talking too much’. Personally I found her anecdotes charming and they painted the whole picture for her new material as she spoke of the inspiration behind new tracks such as ‘Daughters’ (inspired by equality and the often unappreciated strength of women around the world). It was one of the most intimate gigs that I have ever been to and that is why it felt so special,  one particular highlight being when an audience member starting counting her in before she broke into another song, much to her bemusement.

Lissie is one of the most talented and refreshing artists around right now. As her song ‘Shameless’ highlights, she has never been interested in fame and as she sang the lyric ‘If you don’t know what my name is, so what?’ on Tuesday night, I could tell she meant it. Although Lissie deserves to have her name more well-known, you cannot deny that it is a wonderful outlook to have. Watching her live on Tuesday night was a wonderful and intimate experience. Her new material also got me very excited for her new album ‘My Wild West’, to be released in February, which sounds like it will be her most personal release yet.

I have therefore chosen her latest single ‘Don’t You Give Up On Me’ as my track of the week, as it showcases Lissie’s beautiful sound and has got me very excited to hear the album.

I hope you enjoy the track and if you do ever get the chance to see Lissie live, make sure you don’t miss out.

You can listen to ‘Don’t You Give Up On Me’ here:






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