Indie Track of the Week – David Bowie

bowie4215-616x3651David Bowie really is the king of reinvention. Having hit the big time in the late 1960s, his star power has continued to glow and on 8 January he will release his 25th studio album, Blackstar (on the same day as his 69th birthday).

I think we all have our favourite David Bowie era, for me it is probably Bowie in the early 80s, but while I love listening to earlier Bowie I must admit that his more recent music has slipped me by. However, his latest single ‘Lazarus’ really grabbed my attention and has made me very intrigued to hear his new album next week.

The second track to be revealed from his new album, ‘Lazarus’ has also been featured in Bowie’s recent New York stage production of the same name. It is a song full of woeful vocals over a slick, deep groove. The instrumental in the track is especially gorgeous and it demonstrates how progressive Bowie continues to be with his music. It’s weird and jazzy and I think, rather wonderful.

Have a listen for yourself:


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