Track of the Week – NZCA Lines


NZCA Lines’ main man is Michael Lovett and since the release of their debut album in 2012, Lovett has spent time touring with electronic-indie group Metronomy. For their second album Infinite Summer, released yesterday, Lovett has also been joined by Charlotte Hatherley (Bat For Lashes) and Sarah Jones (Hot Chip) and together they have created a very exciting sound. Described as a concept album, Infinite Summer is based around the idea of a futuristic Earth where the sun has hugely expanded and the end of humanity is imminent, but rather than descend into chaos the world has become one massive (and very warm) party.

This party vibe is evident with latest single ‘Two Hearts’, which I have become hooked on since it arrived in my eardrums earlier this week. If you’re a fan of Hot Chip or Daft Punk, you’re going to love it. I have chosen it as my Track of the Week for its fun and fresh futuristic disco sound and insanely catchy beat. And, if you like what you hear, why not have a listen to Infinite Summer?



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