Indie Track of the Week – Catfish and the Bottlemen

After the release of their debut album The Balcony in 2014, which included singles ‘Kathleen’ and ‘Pacifier’, Catfish and the Bottlemen were everywhere. They played numerous festivals last summer and became the poster boys for BBC Introducing, winning the BBC Introducing award at the first BBC Music Awards in December 2014 (their performance arguably being the highlight of the whole night).

Now, they are back with their brand new single ‘Soundcheck’ which is a perfect blend of being something a little bit different but still very distinctively Van McCann and co. Personally, I think it’s a really catchy, awesome track and I love the little twist the song makes around the 2 minute mark.

Have a listen:


Foals – Top 10 Tracks

This month Foals kicked off their first arena tour in the UK including a night at Wembley and with support from Everything Everything and Peace in a DJ slot. At this career-high point for the band, and in eager anticipation of their gig at Birmingham’s Barclaycard Arena on Friday night, it feels like an appropriate time to share my top 10 favourite Foals tracks.

10. Balloons

Starting off with Foals’ math-rock indie beginnings, ‘Balloons’ shows Foals in full on Antidotes mode. It’s funky, a bit mad, very abstract and just brilliant.

9. Spanish Sahara

One of the statement tracks from Total Life Forever, Foals reveal themselves as the kings of crescendo with this perfectly paced and stunning track.

8. Night Swimmers

Definitely one of the stand out tracks of latest album What Went Down and when it really kicks in at 02.20 – wow, just wow.

7. Blue Blood

As the opening track on their second album, ‘Blue Blood’ showed a new and exciting sound for the band and I love how it makes you feel good but also kind of sad at the same time.

6. Cassius

In some ways it’s hard to believe that Antidotes is from the same band as ‘Inhaler’ or ‘What Went Down’ but either way this is such a catchy, quirky and fun little indie track.

5. ‘What Went Down’

An incredibly epic track, Yannis literally roars as he cries ‘When I see a man, I see a lion’. It’s proof of why Foals are one of the best British rock bands right now.

4. Late Night

A perfect example of Foals’ ability to start off a track quiet and gentle and gradually build it into this crescendo of roaring beauty.

3. My Number

The song of summer 2013 and the festival season, ‘My Number’ is probably their best known and definitely their catchiest track.

2. London Thunder

Foals at their most beautiful, late night simplicity. I absolutely adore this track and how it shows a completely different and subdued side to the band.

1. Inhaler

Well, it had to be didn’t it? Fully charged and ferocious, this track really cemented the band as more than just a youthful indie band. Plus, it’s going to sound awesome live.


Bring on Friday!



Indie Track of the Week – Nothing But Thieves

I first listened to Nothing But Thieves in mid 2014 when they released their EP ‘Graveyard Whistling’ and was captured by their haunting rock, particularly lead vocalist Conor’s stunning vocals. I then got the chance to interview them in November 2014 (link below) before they supported, and totally upstaged, Twin Atlantic. To be fair, I only went to the gig to see Nothing But Thieves but now, over a year later, I find myself questioning why don’t more people know about this band?

Without going into a moan about deserved attention in the music industry, Nothing But Thieves are definitely worth checking out and their latest single shows exactly why. I have chosen ‘If I Get High’ as my track of the week because, quite simply, it is beautiful. Paired with its music video, featuring Breaking Bad star RJ Mitte, it is also a bit of a tear-jerker. The band have cited Jeff Buckley as one of their influences and you can hear this in a lot of their music, particularly this track with its stirring vocals. I hope you enjoy this gorgeous track and would thoroughly recommend listening to more of their discography.

Have a listen to ‘If I Get High’:

Listen to my interview with Nothing But Thieves:

New(ish) songs for feel-good vibes


On my Instagram account ( I am starting to post handwritten playlists, along with my normal musical throwbacks and features on new music. The first is a list of songs I am currently listening to that are great feel-good tracks. I will post all the playlists here but for more pictures and photos follow me on Instagram!