In anticipation of their headline gig at London’s Royal Albert Hall on Thursday night (which is going to be one hell of a gig, especially as Shura is supporting), I thought I would share my favourite Chvrches’ tracks. As with any of your favourite bands, it is nearly impossible to limit your favourites, but I think this list gives a good overview of who Chvrches are as a band and why they’re so great.

5. Dead Air

Starting off with an example of Chvrches’ non-album releases, ‘Dead Air’ was featured on the Lorde-curated soundtrack to The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 (which is an awesome album, by the way). I absolutely fell in love with this track immediately and still listen to it on repeat.

4. Get Away

‘Get Away’ is one of Chvrches’ most slick tracks and perfect for night-time drives, which is appropriate as the track was released in 2014 as part of Zane Lowe’s alternative soundtrack to the cult film Drive. Personally I don’t really see why Drive needed an alternative soundtrack (Kavinsky and College were already perfect) but I’m glad it led to this track because I think it’s brilliant.

3. Lies

Even now, when I hear the start of this song I get chills. The Bones of What You Believe has so many brilliant tracks on it but ‘Lies’ will always be one of my favourites. It sounds a lot darker and deeper than other Chvrches tracks and it’s just so beautifully intense.

2. Clearest Blue

Every Open Eye is full of great tracks such as ‘Empty Threat’, but ‘Clearest Blue’ is definitely the highlight for me. A stadium-filler of a tune, ‘Clearest Blue’ is Chvrches at their biggest yet. A modern spin on the 80s synth-pop of New Order or Depeche Mode, the track is catchy, beautifully paced and just pure fun.

1. Gun

Another stand-out track from their debut album The Bones of What You Believe, for me ‘Gun’ is the ultimate Chvrches song. It’s infectious, stylish and empowering, and therefore epitomises the band.









Indie Track of the Week – Bat For Lashes

This week’s track of the week is the leading single from Bat For Lashes’ upcoming fourth album. Bat For Lashes’ previous singles ‘Laura’ and ‘Daniel’ are firm favourites of mine, showcasing her haunting dreamy sound and I am very excited to hear her new album, her first since 2012.

Around a week ago, Bat For Lashes (aka Natasha Khan) announced her fourth album The Bride will be released July 1st and also released lead single ‘In God’s House’. A gorgeously dark and haunting song, it has set a very high standard for the album.

Today the video for ‘In God’s House’ was posted online and it perfectly matches the hypnotic and almost eerie sound of the track as we see Khan at an isolated grave in what looks like the American desert. I love the pulsating sounds throughout the song and Khan’s stunning vocals. Have a listen to this truly spectacular and atmospheric track.

Indie Track of the Week – RY X


There have been a  lot of exciting new releases in the past week or so from the likes of M83 and Frightened Rabbit, but there was one track in particular that really gripped me. For this week’s Track of the Week I have chosen a gorgeous stripped-back gift of a song called ‘Only’ from Australian singer-songwriter RY X. If you’re a fan of Ben Howard, I’m sure you’ll love this.

RY X (real name Ry Cuming) released his first album in 2010 under his real name and returned in 2013 when he released the brilliant, atmospheric track ‘Berlin’ under the name RY X. He first came to my attention when I randomly discovered his track ‘Love Like This’ on Spotify last year, which is an absolutely wonderful song and well worth listening to. His music has that wonderful gift of bringing you to another state of mind, making you forget about what is going on around you.

Yesterday RY X announced that his album Dawn is coming out May 6th and shared the first song from the album, ‘Only’, which I fell in love with pretty much straight away. This is a truly stunning song which deserves some allocated time to go and find some quiet space, put on some decent headphones and press play. Trust me, you won’t regret it.