Indie Track of the Week – Bat For Lashes

This week’s track of the week is the leading single from Bat For Lashes’ upcoming fourth album. Bat For Lashes’ previous singles ‘Laura’ and ‘Daniel’ are firm favourites of mine, showcasing her haunting dreamy sound and I am very excited to hear her new album, her first since 2012.

Around a week ago, Bat For Lashes (aka Natasha Khan) announced her fourth album The Bride will be released July 1st and also released lead single ‘In God’s House’. A gorgeously dark and haunting song, it has set a very high standard for the album.

Today the video for ‘In God’s House’ was posted online and it perfectly matches the hypnotic and almost eerie sound of the track as we see Khan at an isolated grave in what looks like the American desert. I love the pulsating sounds throughout the song and Khan’s stunning vocals. Have a listen to this truly spectacular and atmospheric track.


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