Track of the Week – Pumarosa

At the end of last year, Pumarosa released their debut single, a hypnotic 7 minute track called ‘Priestess’, that caught the attention of pretty much every music blog and magazine going. The amount of hype that ‘Priestess’ single-handedly created for the band was something very special and since its release Pumarosa have featured in numerous ‘Ones To Watch’ lists (including my own) and have played festivals such as SXSW in Austin, Texas.

It is incredible how much excitement ‘Priestess’ created for Pumarosa and ever since I first heard it I have been eager to hear more. I was therefore very excited when their new single ‘Cecile’ was announced this week. On the first listen, I was struck by how much more concise it sounds than ‘Priestess’ but also how it still has the same captivating quality. Having listened to it countless times since, I love the slickness to ‘Cecile’, the tight vocals, the groove elements and the gorgeous jazz-infused ending. It reminds me at times of Arcade Fire and has definitely confirmed that Pumarosa are worth the hype.


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