Album Highlights of the Year (So Far…)

2017 has been a fantastic year for music and at times it has been difficult to keep up with the various tour, singles and album announcements over the past few months. Looking back at the year so far, here are my album highlights.

MUNA – About U (3 February)

album 1

Capturing the intense emotional highs and lows of life and relationships, MUNA’s debut About U celebrates individuality and feeling safe in your own skin. Sincere emotions and passion shine out of the album’s 12 glittering synth-pop tracks, resulting in a truly euphoric listening experience.

Best Tracks: Loudspeaker, I Know A Place, Crying on the Bathroom Floor

Methyl Ethel – Everything Is Forgotten (3 March)

album 2

The quirky second album from Australian psychedelic rock band Methyl Ethel is a lot of fun. It may not be filled with a steady flow of standout tracks, but its quirky blend of trippy indie and androgynous vocals definitely result in an enjoyable listen.

Best Tracks: Drink Wine, Ubu, Weeds Through the Rind

Spoon – Hot Thoughts (17 March)

album 3

The ninth album from the American rock group is full of genre twists, with funky grooves and stylish beats infused into the solid indie rock formula. Each track is a gem and together the album is an irresistible little package.

Best Tracks: WhisperI’lllistentohearit, Can I Sit Next To You, Shotgun

Soulwax – From Deewee (24 March)

album 4

Recorded in one take and therefore featuring incredibly seamless transitions from one track to the next, From Deewee is certainly not an album that you pop on shuffle. Fusing elements of electronic, rock and punk, the album’s powerful rhythm and rich synths create an energetic and unique sound.

Best Tracks: Missing Wires, Is It Always Binary

Paramore – After Laughter (12 May)

album 5

An impressive genre (and aesthetic) jump from the emo-punk rockers as they dive head first into the world of 80s synth-pop with triumphant results. This is ‘Fake Happy’ music at its best, offering melancholic lyrics to an infectious beat.

Best Tracks: Hard Times, Rose-Colored Boy, Idle Worship

Pumarosa – The Witch (19 May)

album 6

An astonishing debut album that certainly lives up to expectations, The Witch is an accomplished and hypnotic debut. Pumarosa are the masters of spiritual, shift-shaping tunes, as they first demonstrated with ‘Priestess’, and this album does a grand job of showcasing the unique and unpredictable force of their songwriting.

Best Tracks: Priestess, My Gruesome Loving Friend, Red

Albums to Look Forward To…

The rest of 2017 involves a plethora of exciting album releases, including:

Haim Something To Tell You (7/7/17)

Arcade Fire Everything Now (28/7/17)

Everything Everything A Fever Dream (18/8/17)

The War on Drugs  A Deeper Understanding (25/8/17)

Foo Fighters Concrete and Gold (15/9/17)





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